Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Oatmeal and Blueberries
with Milk
Granola and
Pears with
Scrambled Eggs and Orange Slices with Milk Waffles and Pineapples
with Milk
Bagels and
Peaches with
Fish Sandwich or Grilled Cheese with Cucumbers & Apples and Water Chicken Alfredo,
Cooked Carrots with Garlic Bread and Water
Ground Beef Tacos with Beans and
Cheese Crisps and Water
Penne Pasta with Meat Sauce with
Squash and Water
Cheeseburger on a Whole Grain
Bun with
Broccoli and Water
Bananas & Yogurt
with Milk or Juice
Hummus & Pita Bread with Milk or Juice Cheese Crackers and vegetables (carrots
and celery) with
Milk or Juice
Celery Sticks & Cheese Cubes with Milk or Juice Whole grain tortilla
and Turkey slices
with Milk or Juice